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iconeer, called "zythus” by the Greeks, was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization over 6,000 years ago. It was a drink of the rich and wealthy as well as ordinary folks. The drink was even used as an offering to the gods and placed in tombs in the Egyptian civilization where beer had its birth. Throughout history beer has been associated with family life, friendship, romance and celebration. Although the taste of beer has changed over the last few thousand years, the enjoyment has remained constant.
Open a bottle of Hillas Lager Beer and share the kinship with past Gods, kings, queens and other ordinary people. Brewed in Rodopi, Greece where, according to tradition, the first Greek beer was produced in Ancient Times. This light pale beer is dry and well balanced, and makes for a smooth drinking with a malty finish. Hillas Beer, imported by Fotis & Son Imports has captured the tradition of brewing a truly great beer. Fotis & Son Imports proudly boast a philosophy of "quality without compromise."


Orestis Hillas-founder



Check this site! DailyFrappe connects millions of people of Greek descent back to their homeland and each other.
Daily Frappe officially opens its doors and welcomes all Hellenes and Philhellenes to our little corner of the world.
Daily Frappe provides a window into Greece (Cyprus too!) for the millions of people who live outside its borders, yet want to be connected with the people, places, and way of life many of us are fortunate to know and love.

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Read what the Opinionated Beer Page had to say about Hillas Beer
Steve: Sigh, here we go again... OK, THIS is the best Greek beer I've ever had, And dammit, this time I mean it. Not the best beer I've ever had, but if poured into a glass and served alongside mega lagers from Germany, the Netherlands, etc, I think you would agree that Hillas brings game to the table. It had a pleasant hop aroma coming from the nicely built head, and a pretty golden color. I can imagine this is the stuff that real Greeks are drinking, instead of the stuff they export. Nice understated label too, not flashy for tourists, which tells me they don't have anyone to impress, they let the beer talk for them. I bet this would be good with Spanish or Tex-Mex, and if given the choice, I'd have this over Peroni or Moretti with Italian food. (5/22/2005)

Read what the had to say about Hillas Beer
Appearance: Pours a bright gold color with a perfect head. Head fades slowly, but leaves a nice layer on the top.
Smell: Aroma is very crisp and clean. Nice maltiness with some hops in there to make it fairly well rounded.
Taste: Simple and clean - malty without being sweet. Enough hops to nicely balance the malts, but that's all. The malt is definitely what comes through here. Nice dry finish.
Overall impression: New on the shelf's here in Huntington Beach - apparently this is imported and distributed by a company located right here. I was surprised to see this wasn't in the database yet - must be brand new over here. This was a very drinkable beer - all the clean, crisp qualities American macros claim to have and none of the adjunct tastes. Very refreshing beer - this would go great with any greek cuisine!
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Huntington Beach, CA: On April 24, 2005, a unique sampling took place at the Hyatt Regency of the finest restaurant cuisine in Huntington Beach, along with the finest beers and wines, all in the name of charity! Samplings of food and beverages from such restaurants as Duke's Huntington Beach, Aloha Grill, Bodai Tree, Chimayo at the Beach and many more. Wineries and breweries in attendance include Hillas Beer, Clos Du Bois, Brewbakers, Frei Brothers Reserve and many others. Proceeds benefit the children's wing of the Huntington Beach Library. We are proud to say that Hillas was a event favorite!

Wineries & Breweries Participating
Acqua Panna, Alice White, B.V., Bass Ale, Blackstone, Brewbakers, Bayhawke, Callaway, Canyon Road, Chateau St Michelle, Clos Du Bois, Columbia, Colombia Crest, Covey Run, Delicato, Frei Brothers Reserve, Forest Glen, Forest Ville, Freixenet, Gallo of Sonoma, Geyser Peak, Gloria Ferrer Guinness, Harp, Hess, J.Lohr, Kenwood, Kona, Kronenburg, Louis Martini, McWilliams Hanwood, Hakusan Sake, Merrick Ridge wine, Montera, Mumm G.H. Champagne, Napa Ridge, Pedroncelli, Perrier, Pepsi, Pyramid Ale, Robert Mondavi, Rodney Strong, Rancho Zabaco, Raymond, Red Diamond, Red Hook Ale, San Pellegrino, Sam Adams, Silver Ridge, Steinlager, Talus, Valley of the Moon, Villa Mt. Eden, Unibrews, Widmer Brewery.


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